Residential Carpet Cleaning

Apartments, Condo's, and Single Family Homes -- You always get the same trusted technician, Clifford.
Clifford Cleaning A Living Room

At Clifford The Carpet Cleaner we allow you to assist in creating a carpet cleaning plan that we will execute within your home.  We think outside of the box. We understand that all homes and people are not alike.

We’ll tailor fit a carpet cleaning plan. We can clean your carpet with cold water or hot water. We have options on the chemistry side as well, we can use green organic, botanical plant based or standard carpet cleaning detergents (nontoxic). You’ll have a choice — you’re not stuck with one way fits all. Clifford will do a walk through examination of your carpet and gather information about your carpet cleaning needs and concerns.

Clifford will arrive to your house with a powerful state of the art truck mounted hot water (steam) extractor loaded and stocked with any kind of chemistry you’ll need to match your carpet cleaning needs.

Benefits of Residential Carpet Cleaning

Eliminate Dust Mites



Reduce Disease and Mold

  • Extend Carpet Life
  • Removed Existing Stains 
High Traffic Zone

Clean Effects From High Traffic Areas

Carpet Textures

Restore Natural Textures

Apartment Carpet Cleaning

We can help you keep your deposit. Carpet is one of the largest expenses in an apartment and you want yours to remain their best despite use.

Single Family Home Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets will add to your carpets longevity and the improve the health of your family. 

6 Tips for Extending The Life of Your Carpets

6 Tips for Extending The Life of Your Carpets

What sort of life can you expect from carpets? In the case of carpets, it really is that you get what you pay for. Lowest priced apartment grade, polyester carpets are made to only last up to 5...

4 Deadly Diseases That Live in Carpets

4 Deadly Diseases That Live in Carpets

I bet you are not surprised when I tell you that regular annual or bi-annual carpet cleaning can reduce disease and mold in your carpets. I don't know if I'm believed when I say it though because...

Interview with Clifford about Residential Cleaning Situations


Difficult Situation?

I once cleaned a home that was so full of cat urine. I recommended a replacement. The owner could not afford a replacement, so I cleaned it. Sometimes pet related jobs can be the hardest because they cross over from cleaning jobs into damage situations.


Impossible Job?

Just today, I cleaned a brand new wool carpet that a dog had diarrhea on. Wool can be tricky to clean and diarrhea compounds that problem as you would imagine. We got it out because the rug was really new and the dog poo wasn’t very colored.

Residential Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

Can we walk on the carpet right away?

Yes with a clean pair of slippers or shoes no socks or bare feet. We also have shoe covers for you.

Can you get all the spots out of the carpet?

Most new generation carpets are almost bulletproof. However older carpets, with very little protection left, color stains may be an issue.

Can you get pet odor out of carpet?

Most of the times we can restore your carpet, however, there are situations where pet stains and odor is severe. In that case, the carpet will need to be replaced. Call us for a complete inspection, we will let you know if your carpet can be restored.

Does carpet cleaning kill CoronaVirus?

Yes. Our system will clean and kill the CoronaVirus before it’s activated in a body. We aren’t a cure, but rather a prevention technique. Grout and hardsurface cleaning does a bit more than carpet cleaning because the virus has a very short life when it’s on carpet.

How long does it take for carpet to dry?

Typical drying time is 5-12 hours. if the indoor air flow conditions are poor it could take 24 hours.

Is carpet cleaning safe for my health?

Most carpet cleaners today use eco friendly non toxic chemicals.We have a wide range of pre-conditioners with no scent for people with asthma and allergies.

Is carpet cleaning safe for my pets?

We use non-toxic solutions so it will be very safe not only for toddlers but for pets as well.

What is the best method for carpet cleaning?

The carpet mills recommend hot water extraction using a truck mounted equipment.

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