Do It Yourself vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

(An only slightly biases reference regarding the differences.)

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Do It Yourself vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

First, let’s talk about the home steam cleaners. A lot of home cleaners are called steam cleaners, but really those are hot water extraction systems. Hot water extraction systems and steam cleaners are very different, so if you clean your own carpets, know as much as you can about the system that you are using, Also you may want to consider investing in steam cleaner for your home if you go the do-it-yourself route.

Do It Yourself Water Extraction Cleaning

Water extraction systems do NOT get rid of disease, mold, dust mites, and bacteria. They are great for getting rid of excess dirt though and can definitely help keep carpets lasting longer. So doing it yourself is okay, if you are confident in your equipment and using proper cleaning agents. Pay particular attention to the proportion of cleaner to water as instructed by the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that water extraction systems require a long drying process and walking on carpets during this time can leave them more susceptible to damage.

Professional Steam Cleaning

Professional cleaners use steam. Steam cleaners heat water to a very high temperature then forces the steam through your carpet. The steam will convert to hot water in the process and the cleaner will then suction that water, along with all the nasty stuff it finds, such as dirt, disease, mold, dust, and dust mites.

Professional cleaners will use fewer cleaning agents which lower the toxicity of their chemicals by using an exact dilution. They also will rely on water-based cleaners whenever possible. There is much less of a drying process when carpets are professionally cleaned.

Professionals make your life easier and your life healthier, but there is a place for the do-it-yourself options. It is completely up to the homeowner.

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