6 Tips for Extending The Life of Your Carpets

May 5, 2020 | Residential Services | 0 comments

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What sort of life can you expect from carpets? In the case of carpets, it really is that you get what you pay for. Lowest priced apartment grade, polyester carpets are made to only last up to 5 years. A modestly priced mid-range grade, nylon or triexta carpet can last up to 15 years. We can expect the very best grade carpets to last 15 years, but might make it to 25 years.

It really makes an enormous difference how well your carpets are cared for though, with their longevity. 


Follow Directions

Know your type of carpets because some carpets have special needs to ensure longevity in life. These specialty carpets should have their care instructions followed closely.


A standard of care that is hard to beat and can’t really be overdone. Vacuum your carpets. Vacuuming up dirts immediately will allow your carpets to stay nicer longer. 

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Use Rugs

Use rugs in your high-traffic areas, hallway rugs are a brilliant investment to keep carpet lives high. Rugs can save your carpets by protecting the areas that are likely to be worn out first.

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Go Shoeless

Remove your shoes inside your home on your carpets. Shoes can be rough on carpets, but also bring in contaminates from the outside environment.

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Clean Spills

React immediately when something is spilled or gets onto your carpets. The quicker you react to spills, the less impact they will have on longevity.

Consider Pets

We love our pets. We should watch our pets when it comes to our carpets. Pet urine is not good for carpets or your home, so if you have a pet prone to urine issues. You might want to consider keeping them off your carpets. Pets and diry feet can bring in environmental contaminates just like shoes.

Bonus tip – Get your Carpet Steam Cleaned Regularly --

Yes, professional cleaning of your carpets will cost money, but the cost of cleaning is much less than the cost of replacing carpets. The longevity gained by professional carpet cleaning can outweigh other costs and allow carpets that extra 5-10 years of use. 

Your wallet will thank you for taking good care of your carpets when they last as long as possible. It will save you a bundle in your life.

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