10 Techniques to Reduce Dust Mite Populations in your Home

Sep 24, 2019 | Residential Services

How do you reduce the amount of dust mites and allergens present in your home?

10 Techniques to Reduce Dust Mite Populations in your Home

Dust mites are in every home, in every corner like a dirty little secret. They grow and poop to aide in breaking down organic matter and waste. Its favorite snack is dead human skin cells.

In order to control dust mites, we really don’t need to focus on the mites themselves but rather the humans who attract them and add to their favorite flavors.

Here are some tips to reduce the dirt, skin, and organic waste available for mites within your home.

Increase Ventilation

Leave your windows open to allow fresh air flow within your home. This air flow will naturally reduce opportunities for mites to live and thrive.

Don’t make your bed

Making your bed creates the perfect sealed nest for bacteria and mites to congregate. Leaving your slept in area open to air flow reduces the life span of bacteria and mites both.

Use an Allergen Barrier

There are commercially available mattress covers available. You can purchase these in any reputable furniture store. As a bonus, usage of most allergen barriers increases the life of your mattresses and ensures that any warranties remain valid. The last one I purchased came with a 25-year warranty.

Don’t Sleep on the Sofa

Skin cells are the preferred dinner for our microscopic friends. Sleeping on our couches creates a plethora of good times for these shady little organisms. You can reduce this skin exposure by not sleeping on the cushions and keep an extra barrier of clothing between you and the fabric. This reduces exposure of the fabrics.

Reduce Fiber

You can’t live in a plastic house, but you can reduce fiber products and furniture in your home. Carpets are a huge allergen houser, so instead of having carpets. You could switch to hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring. This will reduce fiber in your home. You can also limit your upholstered furniture – cushioned chairs for dinner can be elegant, but only until the wine and spaghetti stains are visible. You can reduce dust mites as well as allow for easier cleanup by getting solid chairs with washable cushions if desired.

Clean and Vacuum

The most obvious on the list. This requires no explanation.

Freeze Unwashable Fibers

Your 2-year-old loves his little stuffed horse, but you won it at the carnival. You probably shouldn’t wash the horse because you won’t get out what you put in the washing machine. Using the freezer will preserve the integrity of the stuffed animal while you can still kill bacteria and dust mites. I know this is important because kids are extra susceptible to allergens and respiratory issues, while loving their plush toys. You’ll want to put the little horse in a plastic bag at bedtime and in the freezer for the night. This will protect him from moisture damage as well.

Keep Pets Off Furniture

Fluffy and Rover are loved members of the family. We love them too. Our pet odor cleanup products are amazing. That said pets should stay off furniture when allergens are a family concern. Pet dander will mix with human dander and create a whole new level of environmental perfection for dust mites and allergens by keeping pets off the furniture. You can limit animal dander and hair from accumulating on the fabric.

Regular Duct Air Filter Maintenance

You’ll want to make sure you change your vent filters. I personally buy the high quality filters and change them the first day of each new season. The equinox can be a new fresh start for your home air system.

Wipe Vents and Returns

Your air ducts and air returns are a lint haven. This probably doesn’t make sense because my first tip was to add ventilation and your ductwork is the height of air circulation for your home. However, none the less, wipe off your air vents and air returns occasionally. It’s also good to remove them and vacuum behind them annually.

Bonus tip – Get your Carpet Steam Cleaned Regularly --

You didn’t think we would leave “Get your carpet cleaned” off the list did you? Well, here it is. Steam is the worst enemy of mites. You can use this in combination with our powerful cleaning agents. You’ll be able to control allergens a lot better.

Our clients notice a reduction in asthma attacks and respiratory problems among both adults and children.

As did the results of this research titled “Effects of Physical Interventions on House Dust Mite Allergen Levels in Carpet, Bed, and Upholstery Dust in Low-Income, Urban Homes” by Patrick J. Vojta, Sandra P. Randels, James Stout, Michael Muilenberg, Harriet A. Burge, Henry Lynn, Herman Mitchell, George T. O’Connor, and Darryl C. Zeldin

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