10 Annoying Carpet Stains and What To Do About Them

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Little Girl In Muddy Shoes Messing Up Carpet At Home

10 Annoying Carpet Stains and What To Do About Them?

These steps will allow you to clean up almost anything.

You don’t always have a professional carpet cleaner around, so here are 10 things that can get on your carpets and what do do about them.

The most common stains that affect carpets are:

  1. Pets
  2. Food
  3. Beverage
  4. Other Accidental Spills

I’m going to avoid the pet topic for this article because we have wa whole section about odor and pet caused issues.

A professional tip upfront. It is always better to blot your carpets and to never scrub them. A great carbonated water is all that is needed for most stains. The ones here are generally exceptions. A clothing stain remover such a Shout is also a good thing to have in a home with lots of carpet. This will work on carpets very well. It’s a  concentrated cleaner and will work more aggressively than water alone. 

Lady With Wine


If wine is cleaned up quickly. The chance of a permanent stain is greatly reduced.  You should be able to blot the wine up and then add some water and continue to blot until all evidence is gone. You’ll then want to leave that area of carpet alone to dry.

Hands Of A Mechanic Soiled By Engine Oil


Greasy spills can easily be cleaned by mixing water and dish soap and then using that combination to blot up the stain.

Wax Candles


Wax is one of the most challenging things to spill. You’ll want a hot iron, and disposable cloth to get this out of carpets. You’ll use the iron to melt the wax with the cloth as a barrier. While the wax is melted, use the cloth to blot up the wax. You may need to repeat this process several times to get all the wax up.

Cleaning up Pinesap

Pine Sap

Pine sap is particularly challenging. You’ll want to use an alcohol based hand sanitizer or nail polish remover to blot up this challenging stain. You may have to repeat the process multiple times.

Foot Stuck Into Chewing Gum On Street. Concept Of Stickiness


It’s always fun to find gum on your shoes or maybe you innocently cough and drop your gum on the carpets. Getting gum out of carpet can be a challenge. If you just dropped it, you might be able to quickly pull it out, but if it’s really in there. You’ll want to make it really cold. Use ice on it for 40-50 seconds and then try to get it out. This will harden the waxy components of the gum.  You may be able to get it our after this chill. If this doesn’t work, cutting maybe the next resort.


Mud is the most annoying of all things that come into a home. You really don’t know what is all in it. The best way to deal with mud is to initially clean up any loose pieces and then vacuum. You’ll then be able to use water and blot up the remaining bit that stays.

Kids Holding Candy


Candy can be a nightmare. You’ll want to moisten with cold water the candy. You can then spray with a cleaner and use a clean cloth to absorb the stain. Use vinegar if the stain persists.

Sand On Back


Sand is actually hard to get out of carpets. It’s generally made of rocks, which can be hard to pick up for vacuum cleaners. They are your best bet though vacuum very well after sand is brought in. You can use a toothbrush to loosen sand from hard to vacuum areas and use tape or silly putty to get those hard to get little bits.

Grass Stained Pants


Grass stains can happen on carpets just like clothing. You’ll want to vacuum first. Then apply laundry detergent directly to the stain. Laundry stain sticks will work perfectly here too. Rinse with water and then blot the stain up. Apply an ammonia based cleaner and blot some more.

Paint on Hands


Paint on your carpets is terrible. Your best bet for paint is to use hand sanitizer to blot up the stain.

It’s never a bad idea to follow up any bad stain with a call to Clifford to come professionally clean your carpets. That would clean up any residue left from the cleaning products that you used as well, especially because some here are not traditionally great for your carpets themselves.

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