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Bank Waiting Area

Professional Bank Carpet Cleaning

Bank carpet cleaning isn‘t something you think about until you do. If you are the person responsible for the bank public appearance though, carpets should be right up there on the list of things to be confident about. You’ll want your staff trained in the best way to clean the carpets, to maintain the cleanliness levels expected by the bank clientele. The floors should be vacuumed daily to reduce the amount of dirts just sitting there.

When Clifford cleans the carpets of a bank. He will pay extra attention to the high-traffic areas, close to the door and the hallways. He’ll spend an extra moment beside restroom doors.

Banks usually have other areas of need as well.  Upholstery can be just as important as carpets. There is nothing worse than being invited to sit in a very dirty waiting area. I don’t know about you, but I try to not do this frequently. Therefore, upholstery and a great professional steam clean are a great benefit to both the health of the staff at the bank, but also the impression given to clients. 

Tile in the restrooms can usually handle a professional grout cleaning if they have been ignored for awhile. We typically don’t do this every visit, but maybe every other visit or every 3rd visit. 

Your patrons will surely appreciate your service a little more after a full cleaning.

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