Clifford Is A Trusted Name In Professional Carpet Cleaning

Serving our amazing customers for over 25 years. We’ll leave your carpets and flooring looking refreshed, vibrant, and new again! 


Family-owned and operated, we provide detail-oriented, high resolution, environmentally friendly carpet cleaning service. We work year-round and through almost any kind of weather.  We can provide many references. Our small size gives us advantage in the area of customer service. We can truly customize our service to your specific needs.


Try us and find out why our long-term customers and relationships love us!

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Full Service Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Trusted & Experienced

We’ve been cleaning carpets for Minneapolis area residents for over 25 years.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction is our goal. It’s our pleasure to serve you with both our customer relations and our cleaning services themselves.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Our insurance covers all our vehicles and equipment and we hold business liability insurance for any unforeseen mishaps.

No Contracts

Contracts are never required.

Other Services

Best Carpet Cleaning Service Minneapolis

Odor Control

No matter the cause, we will work to eliminate it from your soft surfaces.

Rug Cleaning

Clean any type of rug no matter the material or style.

Carpet Repair

Little hole or tear in your carpet, we offer an amazing mending service to keep it under control.

Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning up upholstery can be a challenge our system makes it easy.

Happy Customers

“I hired a carpet cleaner over the phone because of an advertised special. When they came out to clean the carpet they tried to give me the bait and switch. Fortunately my son intervened and they got in their truck and drove away. I found Clifford the Carpet Cleaner and when I called Elizabeth she gave me a price quote guarantee and explained their service. Clifford is honest and reliable and does a fantastic job. Highly recommended carpet cleaner.”

Thelma G.

When I called  initially, the receptionist was friendly, well-informed, and helpful. She addressed my concerns about the cleaning materials, smell, etc., and was able to give me a price over the phone (based on room measurements). Clifford arrived promptly at the agreed-upon time and finished the job in a few hours. There was no smell at all, and everything was dry within 12 hours (although we were able to walk on it sooner). He made a very worn, downright filthy carpet look decent again.”

Lynn Eggers

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How long does it take for carpet to dry?

Typical drying time is 5-12 hours. if the indoor air flow conditions are poor it could take 24 hours.

Can we walk on the carpet right away?

Yes with a clean pair of slippers or shoes no socks or bare feet. We also have shoe covers for you.

What is the best method for carpet cleaning?

The carpet mills recommend hot water extraction using a truck mounted equipment.

Is it bad to get my carpet cleaned?

No. In fact, the carpet mills recommend that if your carpet is not cleaned on an annual basis you may void your warranty.

Will my carpet attract more soil once I get it cleaned?

Yes. if your carpet is cleaned improperly. If your carpet is cleaned with pure water rinse your carpet will be fresh and renewed.

Is carpet cleaning safe for my health?

Most carpet cleaners today use eco friendly non toxic chemicals.We have a wide range of pre-conditioners with no scent for people with asthma and allergies.

Is carpet cleaning safe for my pets?

We use non-toxic solutions so it will be very safe not only for toddlers but for pets as well.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry liability insurance.

Can you get all the spots out of the carpet?

Most new generation carpets are almost bulletproof. However older carpets, with very little protection left, color stains may be an issue.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. All of them.

How long have you cleaned carpet?

Almost 30 years and I love it!

Can you get pet odor out of carpet?

Most of the times we can restore your carpet, however, there are situations where pet stains and odor is severe. In that case, the carpet will need to be replaced. Call us for a complete inspection, we will let you know if your carpet can be restored.

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